Design Thinking - Geleceğin İnsan Kaynakları Tasarımı

On 2-3 May, we got together with Human resources professionals with Design Thinking Institute cooperation in Izmir Swissotel.

On the first day of education, participants have found the chance of discovering metadology and tools of Design Thinking. On second day, they tried to create solutions to human resources design issue which is interested particularly by all human resources professionals with the tools of Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is the thinking model of digital era.

It puts human into center, grounds on uncertainty, decides according to the future.

Teaches using all functions of brain; emotion, logic and discernment all together.

Makes you become professional at emphatizing, developing ideas and producing an effect.

Makes you a leader who is able to make right decissions.

Adds design to your life.

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