Recruitment and Adaptation

We are aware of the fact that finding talented people have a big share in the success of organizations.

Having in mind the strategy, culture and values of our business partners, we are here to find the right candidate tailored to your company's needs by keeping an eye on the peculiarities of the sector and conditions of the competition.

Time is one of the most precious thing for organizations. Every single day spent with a vacant position means the company does not work in its full capacity. Sometimes the pressure of filling in the position given a short period of time may result in the employment of unsuitable candidates for the companies.

This misplacement causes the person to leave job after working for a short time period and the process restarts.

We ensure that you employ the talented people to help you to produce high-quality work in a short time. By doing so, we save you time.


Industry Experience and Expertise

With over 15 years of professional experience, we know what you want and what you need.

Market Information and Industry Familiarity

We know where to find talents, we are aware of their expectations, priorities, most importantly, we know how companies hire them, attract and keep them

Business Model Based on Close Cooperation

We start our relationship with our business partners after actively listening to them and understanding what they need. Throughout the whole process, we guarantee to maintain a relationship focused on trust, privacy and value creation.

Recruitment and Orientation Support

Our partnership with our business partners and the talents we choose for work does not end with the ability to work. During the adaptation period of the talent, we conduct work and performance interviews with both parties and evaluate the process simultaneously.


  • Project Description

    Project starts by visiting customer on site. In the meantime, information is gathered regarding the company's history,culture, values, core competencies, technical and behavioral requirements of the
    position and expectations of the
    recruitment manager.

  • Project Agreement

    A project start-up document containing scope, duration and content of the project is prepared in cooperation with our partner.

  • Candidate research and Interview

    Candidate’s compatibility with the corporate culture, necessities of the position, and potential harmony with prospective manager are evaluated.

  • Short List
    Sharing and Reporting

    Relying on the interview results, a detailed report is prepared on the possible candidates. This report, to be shared with our business partner includes candidates’ suitability to the company culture and competences, technical necessities, harmony with potential
    manager and provides an evaluation
    of the strengths and development
    aspects of the candidate.

  • Reference Control

    At the last stage, the information is confirmed, in the candidate's CV, feedback is received from the candidate’s references. In line with the gathered information a final report is prepared to be
    shared with our business partner.