’’You have to set your direction on your own to walk your way.’’
Oruc Aruoba

Coaching is a journey of learning that allows you to discover your potential and turn your dreams into goals that you can realize

  • Individual Coaching

    A journey where you will discover and transform yourself…

    Individual coaching is a process that enables the individual to realize his / her current potential, to live up to the values of self and to reach its goals by changing the self-limiting conditions and conditions.

    The task of the coach is to make you to discover your own path and open space for you to find inner motivation to move forward.

    Discovery Interview: One of the most important principles of the individual coaching process is that the client can work with a coach that can adapt and feel comfortable. A free trial interview is held to give the client this freedom of choice.

    Goal Setting Interview: After the counselor decides to work with the coach, the coach makes an agreement on the goals and process of coaching. This agreement undertakes that all information shared by client during the coaching period will be kept confidential under the ICF code of ethics.

    Coaching Process: It is recommended to have an average of 6-10 sessions (may vary in line with the agreed goals). The length of meetings are averagely 1-1.5 hours. Interviews are mostly face to face, yet can done through internet or phone

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  • Team Coaching

    Effective interaction is the most crucial factor in the success of the organizations where talented people come together with different specialties and experiences.

    Team coaching is a process that supports creation of high-performing teams and their constant interaction.


    Internal: Members of the same team evaluate each other
    External: Members of different teams in the same organization evaluate each other

    Analyzing the Maturity and Motivation Level of Team

    Comprehension: The skills of team members to comprehend each other’s personality, culture and motivation levels.
    Creation: The ability of the team to work together in building up new things (a new product, a new way of working, etc.)
    Execution: The ability of the team to put decisions into actions.

    One-on-one Coaching Sessions with Team Members and Team Leader

    Goal Setting

    Team sets a common target and working system (Application of the team operation plan)

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  • Executive Coaching

    75% of today's workforce profile is the Gen Y. One of the most essential skill that managers should have to manage effectively this new employee profile is coaching. The new profile-employees expect to receive feedback from their managers on their strengths and blind spots and to be consulted on what they need in job rather than taking directions from their managers

    The targets of executive coaching

    • Helping executives to realize their potential, be aware of their blind spots and turn their awareness into performance

    • Supporting a leadership approach that adheres to their values

    • Helping how to enhance communication and interaction with teammates

    • Supporting balance and satisfaction in work and private life

    • Strengthening problem solving abilities of the managers so that they can approach difficult situations with a new perspective and create solutions

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Increase of Productivity

Professional Coaching reveals the real potential of individuals.
Work Performance
Business Management
Time Management
Team Effectiveness

Positive Employees

Professional coaching increases the self-confidence of induvial and teams in order to overcome difficulties.
Self Esteem-Self
Communication Skills
Work / Life Balance

Source : ICF Global Coaching Client Study was commissioned by the ICF but independently by Pricewaterhausecoopers