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Social Responsibility Projects Without Using Your Budget

Having sustainable success of operations is directly proportionate to good image, which they obtained in the eyes of society, as well as producing quality and proper productions or services.

So, how companies have good brand image?

There may be several ways to have good brand image but one of the most important ways is producing social responsibility projects which avail society and environment or taking part in a social responsibility project.

Social responsibility projects may turn into a good brand image and profit-generating action for companies in the long term. Nowadays, changing and bad economical situations, lead companies to use their social responsibility budgets in different business lines.

Designing social responsibility projects without using your budget...

Social responsibility projects, which increase recognizability of companies and make them sustainable, can be make real without budget.


Many national and international organizations support projects, which avail environment and people.

• Designate your project subject

• Check project application criteria of organization which you want to apply

• If criteria are suitable, write your project and apply

• If your project is not suitable to criteria, you may check another organization or amend your project.

• If you want to design a social responsibility project about two main subjects above, you can benefit from these project grants.

National Agency

Today, we want to introduce one of the organizations, which you can get grant, and guide you to how you can get support.

National Agency, which was established in 2002, runs Erasmus+ Programs, which aim upskilling individuals, increasing their self-improvement support and employment opportunities.

These programs are subdivided to; School Education Program, Vocational Education Program, Higher Education Program, Adult Education Program, Youth Program, Central Activities.

The chief point is choosing the right one from the subtitles in the program and designating accurate projects by understanding target market well.

“2019 budget of Erasmus+ program has become 3 billion Euros compared to 2018 budget by increasing 300 million Euros.”

Who can apply for this project?

Non-Governmental Organizations,

Public Institutions,

Profit-Oriented Organizations in the Field of Social Responsibility,

Youth groups who are active on youth studies but not corporate body.

Erasmus+ Programs are significant podiums that increases recognizability of companies in both national and international level while designing projects which avail society.

You can visit for more detailed information about programs.